As the new year approaches so does our bad eating habits. The coming of the new year is a time to look forward to making ourselves better both inside and outside. Changing your body requires discipline, a healthy lifestyle, and smart choices however sometimes you need a little help to get rid of the pockets of stubborn fat. Trouble some pockets of fat can be around the mid-section, love handles, or around the legs.
At Renew Me Medspa we offer non-invasive body sculpting for your body needs. With our state-of-the-art technology in laser/led light therapy, we can help shrink your body fat down. You are probably wondering how does it work, is there downtime, and does body sculpting work?

What is body sculpting and how does it work?

We use multi light laser/led lights to stimulate micropores in your cells to open and release the fat content out. Once the fat is out of your cell your lymphatic system will excrete your fat out of your body. You need to exercise or walk the day of the treatment to ensure the fat is properly excreted out of your body.

Is there downtime and does it hurt?

Typically there is very little discomfort during the treatment. Our machine is a class 1 machine so you will barely feel the treatment. One of our skin care providers will be with you the whole time to monitor how you feel and to make adjustments if needed. After the treatment is over there is no downtime. Some of our customers say the treatment feels like they are laying on the sand at a warm beach. For more information on frequent questions please go to Body Sculpting for more information.

Does body sculpting work?

The vast majority of our customers see great results with our body sculpting treatments however that does not mean you can eat anything you want. Yes, we will help shrink down your fat and help you build your dream body however it’s up to you to have a healthy lifestyle and take care of yourself. Some of our customers have seen up to a 3-size pant reduction around their midsections. Other parts of our customer’s bodies have seen significant reductions in body fat such as the legs, back, and love handles.
For great body sculpting before and after pictures of our body sculpting treatments please go to our treatment page Body Sculpting.

Body Sculpting is a great way to help you lose stubborn body fat However it is you who must be dedicated to a healthy lifestyle to keep the benefits. Even with liposuction if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle fat can come back in unwanted parts of the body.
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